Buzzcut Double 有没有现金捕鱼游戏送分的啊Thrills: Herpes by Erin Kartsaki

Buzzcut Double Thrills: Herpes by Erin Kartsaki (4 stars)

  • Rachel Baker
  • 18 December 2019

Buzzcut Double Thrills: Herpes by Erin Kartsaki

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Buzzcut presents Erin Kartsaki’s现金捕鱼电玩游戏下载 piece on STI’s and female expectations

In their final iteration before the New Year, Buzzcut present a collection of work that’s as fresh and thought-provoking as ever. The first portion of the evening includes some impressive work in progress from their first Associateship winner, Mamoru Iriguchi, followed by an exhausting movement piece from Greg Sinclair. The night culminates with Herpes by Erin Kartsaki, an intense and uncomfortable work that grotesquely parodies the ideals of femininity that are placed on women without their consent.

Kartsaki is dressed in a combination of caricatured costume and medical gear, staring the audience down as she repeats sickeningly descriptive language describing conception, childbirth and sex. Her use of language and vocal power is captivating, drawing the audience in so that the she can then provoke disgust moments later. This reflects her own views of feminine ideals, as she pulls the audience in line with these views with forceful affect.

Kartsaki’s performance is forceful, if slightly repetitive. Her use of personal experience is performed with a deadpan sincerity that is both comedic and cutting, while her bizarre props and costumes distance the audience from truly understanding her. But, perhaps, this is the point.

As ever with Buzzcut, the performance’s interaction with the BSL interpreter is as entertaining as the work itself. Kartsaki is a performer who knows what she wants to achieve from her work, disregarding the notion of pleasure in the audience’s experience in exchange for clarity and impact of meaning. Herpes is a fascinating piece of work that achieves its message, while foregrounding the personality of a talented and intelligent performer.

CCA, Glasgow, run ended.

Ready or Not电玩送分提现金捕鱼 review – Manically entertaining comedy horror, featuring rock-solid work from Samara Weaving as a gutsy bride

Ready or Not (3 stars)

  • James Mottram
  • 23 September 2019

Ready or Not

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Manically entertaining comedy horror, featuring rock-solid work from Samara Weaving as a gutsy bride

While the excitement surrounding the Downton Abbey movie has preoccupied many, it’s not the only country pile that forms the backdrop of a new film this month. In comedy horror Ready or Not, the house is a major player, as family newcomer Grace (Samara Weaving) must fight for her survival in just about every room of an imposing manor.

Scripted by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy (not the American Horror Story guy), the zippily put-together Ready or Not is built on a delicious premise. The eccentric Le Domas family, whose obscene fortune comes from selling board games, live by one tradition: every time someone marries into their midst, on their wedding night, they must select a card and play a game.

The fresh-faced Grace – set to wed Alex (Mark O’Brien) – draws the short straw: a deadly take on hide-and-seek that lasts until dawn. Suddenly, she finds everyone is after her blood – including Alex’s father Tony (Henry Czerny), mother Becky (Andie MacDowell), brother Daniel (Adam Brody) and various other nutjob relatives. Not even the bickering Crawley clan behaves this badly.

Why the need to take Grace’s life? Well, that would be telling but, suffice to say, you don’t get this rich without striking some decidedly iffy deals. The Australian-born Weaving, recently seen in the TV remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock, delivers a rock-solid turn as the initially bewildered bride who overcomes her fears to take on the deranged brood at their own game.

In this manic midnight movie, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Devil’s Due) strike a捕鱼王者现金版 2017 neat balance between action, gushing gore and Trading Places-style wealth satire. It’s not perfect – whether it’s the over-the-top CGI of the finale, or the willingness to sacrifice character development for bloodletting. But, for a late-night trip to the flicks, it’s ideal.

General release from Wed 25 Sep.